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Heart Propeller
Skinless Lizard / 2021
Music Album

Heart Propeller

Over the course of three years, between 2008 and 2010, a teenager composes more than 60 songs during high-school.

Electro-pop bedroom compositions, immersed in dreamy and naive atmospheres, take us back to a period of fervent youthful creativity, nostalgia and ambitions that continue to be present today, in an emotional journey still alive and waiting to reveal itself.

A first selection of the tracks, lost for many years and found again thanks to friends and acquaintances, has been used as the sountrack for the videogame CUCCCHI and is now presented here.

Available on july 30th.

Skinless Lizard - Heart Propeller

01 - Interlude
02 - Leaving Transitions __ God's Spleen (Epuration)
03 - Leviathan
04 - Superficie Degli Amanti
05 - Anamnesi
06 - Never Forget
07 - Untitled Canticle
08 - Scarlet Tissues
09 - Source Of Knowledge
10 - Never Turn
11 - Never Turn Back
12 - Heart Propeller


All tracks written and mixed by Skinless Lizard between 2008 and 2010, curated by Eremo and restored by Emilio Pozzolini in 2021
Published by Eremo & Giallo Ocra
Cover art by Nastasya Myakinina