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Skinless Lizard / 2022
Music Album

Some years ago, during high school, a young boy started making music with the idea to let friends rap on top of it.

Using trial versions of music production softwares, and influenced by punk and electronic music, he made over sixty tracks in three years.
Highly evocative electro-pop compositions, they were often made in one single session during the night, in a period of fervent youthful creativity.

But, without ever releasing the music, one day he deleted it all.

Many years later, thanks to a lucky backup held dear by a friend, a group of them reached out with the idea to organize the music into albums and finally release it.

Andromeda, the third act of this restoration project, is an imaginative journey featuring some of the most vigorous tracks of Skinless Lizard’s lost and found music.

More from Skinless Lizard's 2008-2010 music:

heart propeller cover death went smiling cover andromeda cover


All tracks written and mixed by Skinless Lizard between 2008 and 2010, curated by Eremo and restored by Emilio Pozzolini in 2021.

Andromeda videoclip animated by Blake Andrews.