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Domiziano Maselli / 2018
Audiovisual Project & Music Album

Ashes, residues, traces, something that is exhausted and yet subsists, which is fading away and from which something else, new and vital, will arise: a passage.
Ashes by Domiziano Maselli is an audiovisual project born of organic research.
The work developed over time as a search for form, which, starting from drawing, monotypes and video, finds a dual identity, between symbolic and free interpretation. Just as video and digital animated images are derived from a concrete visual search, the musical composition moves between electronic processing of synthesizers and sound samples, to include instrumental performances swinging between assonance and dissonance. The maximal and the minimalist.

domiziano maselli live 1 domiziano maselli live 2 aggregati ashes fronte e retro From the void - Videoclip Breathlesness - Videoclip

Domiziano Maselli - Ashes

01 - From the Void
02 - Cenere I
03 - Cenere II
04 - About Light
05 - The Fall
06 - Breathlessness
07 - The Fall and the Rise
08 - ἔρημος
09 - Remains

Written, produced, performed & recorded by Domiziano Maselli.
Arrangements - Domiziano Maselli, Alessio Iachelini
Voices - Gloria Croce, Gloria Signoria
Strings - Gloria Croce, Samuel Flora, Alessio Iachelini, Clarissa Tamoni, Giovanni Macchiaverna, Luca Miranda
Drums - Tommaso Frigerio and Fabrizio Capone
Mastered by Emilio Pozzolini at Blau Studio, Milan.

Artworks & Graphics - Domiziano Maselli

Visuals - Domiziano Maselli
Additional programming and 3d graphics - Domiziano Maselli, Julián Palacios

Recorded between 2015 and 2017.
CD & Digital - (OPAL126) - Released July 2018


Domiziano Maselli -